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Parallel webs

Dive into the parallel web

  1. Sax'o'phone - The Saxon translator
  2. Swabian
  3. Franconian
  4. Berlin dialect
  5. The echo of the mountains
  6. Inserts many l's
  7. Thra Chanas wath tha dabl bass
  8. Cute German
  9. Remove many apostrophs, because they are wrong in most cases in the German language
  10. The Ehmulator imitates the language of the Bavarian minister president
  11. The Monad Transformer presents a web without the Haskell related word Monad
    All about monads without mentioning them!
  12. Show meta data of each HTML page


Other translators and Google modifiers

  1. Burble by Stefan Zimmer: Swabian, Saxon, Franconian, Berlin dialect
  2. UNiMUT "Schwobifying Proxy" by Markus Demleitner: The whole net translated to Swabian
  3. Babbelfisch by Bernd Hohmann: The whole net translated to Hessian
  4. Hacker's language (for JavaScript lovers only :-( )
  5. Words backwards
  6. I can't find a joke here.
  7. The WWW in gothic style.
  8. The translations of Google also generate some fun.

Are there still any questions?

Then please write to Henning Thielemann.
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